How We’ll Do It

What we’ll do is:
Develop a systemic approach to developing a body of “best practices” in how to solve
urban problems, by consulting with people who are already doing these things, and
pairing them with writers and teachers who know how to turn these solutions into
“step-by-step” guides and handbooks. Make these educational resources part of a
structured curriculum available in traditional (paperback) and multimedia (ebook,
audiobook, and video) formats. Create an entire university worth of literature showing
people how to get engaged in these solutions.

Promote this literature through the best practices in urban marketing, including the
simplest things you can offer a reader of nonfiction literature: interesting content and
the potential for prosperity. Allow readers to meet online to discuss solutions, strategies,
and resources, but actually give these readers real-world expectations and opportunities
to meet and collaborate in their cities.

Provide the people a movement to identify with, which allows various levels of
participation, ranging from a director to a supporter. This is what we call the 360
Movement. It is a comprehensive approach to all the problems affecting urban

Continuously develop relationships with activists, leaders, educators, professionals, and
celebrities that support 360. Create businesses by allowing 360 members to come together
using 360 principles to change their communities while also running financially viable businesses.
The application of best practices is what makes the businesses more profitable than one not
applying our recommendations. Our literature essentially acts as a mentor for community development.

Offer a specialized 360 Educator Certification process as well as a 360 Urban Business
Certification process. 360 Educators, Business Owners, and Local Reps become
certified through 360 Solutions, an accredited member of both the International
Coaching Federation and the National Business Incubator Association Direct 360 Members
into every area of human activity, from becoming Internet media professionals (who steer
online discourse in the right direction) to agricultural leaders and school owners.

Create structures that are replicable so they can be copied and used across communities.
Provide ongoing support and resources to keep the movement moving.
There’s much more to this plan, of course. But if what you’ve read sounds promising, please
let me know if you are on board in any way. I understand you need to be sure that nobody
will run off with a sack full of money, or that we won’t all have to sacrifice ourselves in front
of a giant pigeon statue. I can promise you it’s nothing like that. It’s what one of my
colleagues calls “salvation without denomination.”

I’m convinced it can work. I’m convinced that, through this movement, people can regain
control of their own lives while also transforming their communities. I don’t want us to
compete with any organization, charity, culture, political party, religion, or movement. I just
want our PRINCIPLES to be widely understood and supported. And this is why I would be
honored for you to give us your blessing. If there is anything more you would like to
contribute, the opportunities are unlimited.

By combining an educational curriculum (much of which we’ll make available for free) with
a business development program, we can give people more incentive to participate in such a
movement. We can truly change the economic, social, ethical, and educational landscapes of
our communities, and I am betting my life on it. It is my hope that I can count you as a
supporter of this plan.