We Need a Movement

Everybody knows the hood is in bad shape. And so are Black and brown people in the suburbs. So are Black and brown people in Canada, in Europe, in South Africa…the list goes on.


  • Identity

  • Education

  • Child Development

  • Culture

  • Justice

  • Business

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Solidarity

  • Family

  • Politics

  • Media

We are all well aware of the problems our people face. Poverty, racism, broken families, poor health, the worst schools, media stereotypes, police brutality, no justice under the law…It’s clear we need to change things.

It’s clear we need to take action. It’s clear we need a movement. But not another flash-in-the-pan reactionary kinda thing. Not another boycott that lasts a few weeks. Or a protest that lasts a day and fizzles out. Nor do we need another political or cultural organization that will compete with other organizations for membership and attention. We need something better.

What we need a comprehensive and universal solution, one that provides a sustainable infrastructure. This is how we arrived at the idea of a “360” Movement, one that addresses all our problems, and allows everyone to contribute to the solutions. Please take a second to sign up, and you’ll soon be updated on everything that we develop… because you’ll be a part of how it develops.

– Supreme Understanding, publisher, Supreme Design Publishing

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We Need a Movement