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Columbus Day is a Reminder

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Columbus Day is more than just a holiday celebrating a man who merely “mistreated the natives”. “Mistreatment”, “depopulation”, and other euphemisms for genocide, torture, rape, and enslavement do an injustice to the horror story that is The Columbus Genocide Legacy. Columbus Day honors the architect of 521 years of continuous genocidal actions against Indigenous People.

To criticize Columbus Day merely on the notion that he did not “discover” an already-inhabited hemisphere is inadequate. The real significance of Columbus Day lies in the fact he established the Indigenous Holocaust Formula, leading to the extermination of 70 million to 100 Million Indigenous People and the theft of Indigenous lands.

This genocide paved the way for Europeans to acquire lands for “free”. The enormous wealth of the Western Hemisphere transformed Europe into a wealthy continent, and provided white settlers with “opportunities” which they would not have otherwise found back inside Europe.

Today, “Corporate Conquistadors” continue to plunder the world on behalf of “The West” (European-descent people), plundering natural resources from those who need them the most, and imposing poverty-producing conditions on struggling economies.

The cultural genocide continues today as well. A current proposal is underway to construct a “Museum of the American Latino” which plans to glorify Spaniards and their colonial past, while subsuming Indigenous-descent people under the categories of Hispanic/Latino, as a way of erasing their identity and voices.

In the words of Noam Chomsky, “The conquest continues”.

October 12th is Columbus Day, a day which is increasingly coming under criticism for celebrating a genocidal pirate, murderer, rapist, and enslaver who is credited with the “discovery” of the Western Hemisphere.

Most people today dismiss the notion that Columbus “discovered” a land that was already packed with 100 million people and 6,000 years of thriving civilizations (the earliest urban center with communal architecture is at Porvenir, Peru, dating back to 4930 B.C., according to Haas et al, 2004).

The world that Europeans “encountered” (read: “invaded”) was not that of a barren wilderness, sparsely populated by nomadic tribes; but a continent filled with wealthy, urban civilizations and complex, sedentary farming cultures. The Western Hemisphere of 1492 was a land of cities, writing, mathematics, astronomy, calendars, and engineering (listen to the Charles Mann interview for more information

The Columbus Formula

The Columbus Formula was replicated by subsequent European invaders. Briefly, the Columbus Formula included the following:

1.Pretend to come in peace, bringing “freedom” or “salvation”
2. Massacre unarmed people
3. Take the leader hostage
4. Extort the population for gold, silver
5. Murder the leader
6.Terrorize the population
7.Fan the flames of smallpox infection

Much of this may sound familiar in our age of “The Bush Doctrine”, whereby American foreign policy is based on “pre-emptive war” (invasion) in the name of “Democracy” and 'Freedom”. Just as the American government is a direct descendant of European Colonial governments, so too is modern American foreign policy a direct descendant of European-Colonial “Indian Policy”.

Source www.dailykos.com
Excerpt from Nican Tlaca "Columbus and the legacy of genocide"

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