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360WNAM | We Need A Movement - “Elementary Genocide” Calls Community To Action On MLK Holiday
  • “Elementary Genocide” Calls Community To Action On MLK Holiday

    (Atlanta, GA) Award-winning filmmaker and acclaimed journalist Rahiem Shabazz’s documentary “Elementary Genocide” called the community to action on January 20, 2014 in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The controversial documentary celebrates the efforts of Dr. King for educational equality while revealing the current public school system is still failing African-American youth. “Elementary Genocide” brought a packed house of different generations together on the MLK holiday to the historical Plaza Theater in Atlanta. The film premiere hosted by Shabazz also featured a panel of influential male community leaders to remind the community the holiday symbolizes a day of service and nearly half a century later social change is still necessary within the African-American community.

    Shabazz, the director of “Elementary Genocide,” started the event with infamous words from Dr. King stating “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.Shabazz explained the American government allots more money on the prison system than the educational system which has created the prison industrial complex within the African-American community. As the credits rolled to “Elementary Genocide” the audience gave the inspirational film a standing ovation.


    Following the viewing of the film there was a roundtable discussion moderated by entertainment publicist Christal Jordan featuring influential male community leaders of activists, authors and educators. The panel included Director Rahiem Shabazz, Dr. Torrance Stephens (Author/Clark Atlanta University Professor), Edward Ganes Jr., (Activist), Dr. Supreme Understanding (Community Activist/Author/Educator), Kalonji Changa, (Author/Activist), Stone Erickson (AALAS Sci-fi Author of the Year) and Tracey Syphax. The youngest member of the esteemed panel, Stone Erickson, closed out the roundtable discussion with a solution of educated African-Americans coming back to their communities to educate youth as a way to combat the failing public educational system. Audience members of families, parents, kids, and educators were also given the opportunity to ask the panelist questions. The “Elementary Genocide” premiere ended with Shabazz thanking attendees and calling them to action within their community to end the mass re-enslavement of African-Americans.

    For updates and to share feedback on “Elementary Genocide” use hashtag #ElementaryGenocide.

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