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  1. Have we started making adult decisions yet?: Enlightenment

    At what age did you begin making adult decisions? Have you started yet? I know I still find myself questioning whether I am making level headed adult decisions. Or am I even thinking for myself? What motivates my actions and intentions? I question myself before I move on my decisions or at least before I follow thru. (At times, I still make hasty decisions and then have to catch myself.)

    Because our decision making can be influenced in so many ways without us even knowing it, our ...

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  2. I love you!

    Let your actions and behaviors be a reflection of your love. Treat those you love with kindness and respect. Be there for them when they need you and show them the goodness in your heart. Being there can mean providing a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, being a friend, parent, spouse, lover, teacher, and many other things. There are several ways to express love through your actions and the core of each of them is being true and coming from your heart.

    “I LOVE YOU”…….say ...
  3. Forgiveness.....letting go.....

    Forgiving yourself is a decision and a daily task.

    Forgiving yourself at times can be the hardest thing to do. We walk around feeling horrible, bad and weary for our mistakes. There may be times when you don’t feel like you’re forgiven, causing you to stop forgiving yourself,........but don’t fall into this trap. Our feelings are deceptive.

    There’s peace and joy that comes with forgiving yourself. Burdens are lifted up and chains are loose.

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  4. Discovery of Self (inner peace)

    Discovery of Self is the reason that we are all here. Yourself, the very real part of you, that is wanting to bring forth something so spectacular: but it is only when we are AWARE of that which we ARE, that we can go on and discover that which we BRING.

    Most of the time, we think of ourselves as the image thatyou see in the mirror.
    Even that is a warped image, as your mind is telling you that you are too fat, not good looking, not tall enough, not dressed well ...
  5. Nothing to fear, but fear itself

    At some point in my life, my dreams had become more appealing than my reality. I would dread getting out of bed, having to face the obstacles in my life, knowing there was an uphill battle going on. Saturday mornings sleep ins were a relief. But what a difference a mindset makes. Nothing external changed, my circumstances are the same. There are still obstacles to overcome, still battles to be fought, still fires to be put out. But I changed. I am no longer fearful, no longer timid. Don't get me ...
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