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  1. Enslaved

    I could never understand how some of the men and women who were enslaved could just do as they were told and not revolt. I know I would be part of the crew saying, this isn't right. Organizing and finding a way to revolt and escape. But I now realize how someone could decide to just take the hand they were given and just survive. I see it everyday in this day and age. I myself have been guilty of feeling that way from time to time. But then I have these moments of clarity that shows me that I was ...
  2. Goodie Mob said it.

    When the scene unfolds
    Young girls thirteen years old
    Expose themselves to any Tom, Dick, and Hank
    Got mo' stretch marks than these hoes
    Hollin' they got rank
    See Sega ain't in this new world order
    Dem experimenting in Atlanta, Georgia
    United Nations, overseas
    Trained assassins to do search and seize
    Ain't knocking or asking
    Dem coming for niggas like me
    Po' white trash, like they
    Tricks like her back in slavery ...
  3. Columbus Day is a Reminder

    Columbus Day is more than just a holiday celebrating a man who merely “mistreated the natives”. “Mistreatment”, “depopulation”, and other euphemisms for genocide, torture, rape, and enslavement do an injustice to the horror story that is The Columbus Genocide Legacy. Columbus Day honors the architect of 521 years of continuous genocidal actions against Indigenous People.

    To criticize Columbus Day merely on the notion that he did not “discover” an already-inhabited hemisphere is inadequate. ...

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  4. Is Not Love Abundant?

    Why can't we love more than one person romantically? Seems a little far fetched to me. Why must I be the only object of a person's attention and affection? Does it mean that I'm loved any less or I love that person any less if we share our love with others. Is there only a certain amount of love we can share? Real questions, I really would like some opinions.
  5. Peaceful state of mind....

    The power of your 3rd eye: Imagine a storm is raging outside, but you are safe inside your house, built to withstand any storm. The storm may rage fiercely, with strong winds, rain, lightning and thunder, but you are protected in your house, unaffected by what is happening outside.
    True peace of mind is like this house, sheltering you from the hostile environment. No matter what is happening around you, your mind and emotions remain peaceful.
    When peace becomes a fact in your life, ...
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